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A Closer Look at Our Green Building Practices

April 25, 2023

Building for a Better Future: A Closer Look at Our Green Building Practices

As our world faces environmental challenges, there is an urgent need to shift toward sustainable living. Because of this, building green and eco-friendly homes has become more critical than ever before—and Boone Homes is proud to be at the forefront of this movement with our energy-efficient new homes in the Greater Richmond area. We believe in creating homes that not only offer a comfortable living space, but also prioritize the well-being of our planet and the health of our homeowners. This commitment to sustainable building practices is evident in the green features we incorporate into every home we build—so read below as we dive into the importance of energy efficiency and what it means to our team at Boone Homes.

Why it matters

Boone Homes understands that it’s crucial to provide families with new homes that aren’t just built to last in the present—but also in the future. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy-efficient homes can use up to 30% less energy than traditional homes, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and significant cost savings for homeowners. On average, our homes at Boone Homes have a 41% energy savings over a comparably sized home in Virginia each year. By incorporating energy-efficient practices into every home we build, we’re not only contributing to a better tomorrow—but also helping our homeowners experience a higher quality of living while saving a significant amount of money on energy bills.

A closer look at our green building practices

At Boone Homes, our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency is evident in every aspect of our homebuilding process—from insulation to systems and everything in between. First, our homes feature LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing that blocks up to 97% of radiant heat transfer and can reduce attic temperature by up to 30ºF. This technology not only boosts a home's energy efficiency, but also improves the HERS scores by keeping hot air out, which leads to less energy usage in your home. Combined with our low-E windows and tight thermal envelope that surpasses standard energy and building codes—homeowners can rest assured knowing their Boone home is built to keep unwanted air out. Additionally, our OX-IS Exterior Sheathing provides the industry's tightest air barrier, which means that there is lower air infiltration and reduced thermal loss—resulting in a reliable, comfortable living space for our homeowners.

We also install Trane HVAC Systems in every Boone home, which are specially calculated for optimal sizing and energy savings to complement the exterior sheathing. These systems have been awarded the quietest sound ratings in the industry and come with sealed duct lines that prevent energy loss and increase the effectiveness of the HVAC. Moreover, Boone Homes is proud to use Rinnai Condensing Tankless Water Heaters in our homes that save space and energy, last up to twice as long and provide an endless supply of hot water.

Additionally, Boone Homes understands that indoor air quality is an integral part of your home’s energy efficiency. That's why we use engineered framing material and low VOC paints to protect indoor air quality and guarantee a safe, comfortable living environment. We also equip every home with PVC pipes for future radon mitigation systems if necessary. 

From the structure of the home to the smaller details, we’re committed to staying on top of the latest trends in energy-efficient practices to help our homeowners save money, reduce their carbon footprint and live an overall healthier lifestyle for years to come. 

Live green with Boone Homes

At Boone Homes, we understand that every step we take today will have a lasting impact, and we want it to be a positive one. It’s been that way since we started over 35 years ago, and we make it our mission to ensure that this unwavering philosophy continues. By prioritizing energy efficiency, we are not only making a positive impact on the environment—which is more crucial now than ever before—but we're also providing our homeowners with a cost-effective solution that results in a healthier, higher quality of living.

If you’re ready to start living green with a homebuilder you can trust, Boone Homes has what you’re looking for. Our team of experts is proud to bring families their forever home in our top-rated, beautiful communities throughout the Greater Richmond area in Chesterfield, Goochland and Hanover—and there’s no better time than now for you to find a forward-thinking home that effortlessly fits your needs. Be sure to wander through our selection of quick move-in homes and gallery of floor plans to find the one that’s perfect for you, and for more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (804) 258-4291 or fill out our online form today.

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