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Benefits of Buying Early in a New Community

October 4, 2021

When looking to develop a new community, home builders put a substantial amount of time, effort and resources into creating a neighborhood that homeowners would be proud to live in. Being one of the first buyers in a brand new community by a trusted builder comes with incentives and benefits that are hard to beat.

Boone Homes has spent the past 30 years developing a strong reputation in the greater Richmond area for creating quality homes and bettering the areas we build in. With new communities open now and more on the horizon, we’ve detailed some of the benefits you’ll experience by buying into our communities early. 

New Communities: Reed Marsh, Goochland and Chickahominy Falls, Hanover

Coming Soon Communities: Mosaic at West Creek, Goochland and The Villas at Swift Creek, Chesterfield 

Make a smarter investment 

Buying a home is a huge investment, and many people are under the impression that buying new construction will cost them even more—which isn’t necessarily the case, when most resale homes require thousands of dollars worth of upgrades and renovations. Boone Homes is committed to a positive building experience, and you’ll never get a better value on one of our homes than when you buy in the early stages of a new community. 

Buying early means your home’s resale value begins growing immediately—giving you a leg up on other homes in the community when the time comes for you to move into your next Boone home.  

Secure your first-pick home 

Aside from saving a substantial amount of money, the biggest reason prospective buyers should jump at the chance to be first in a community is having the first pick of the lots or inventory. While we love every floor plan and feature we put into our homes, we understand that preferences are unique to each homeowner. With a wider variety of options and homesites, it’ll be easier to find the perfect home to meet your needs and wants. This also gives buyers the opportunity to select a home that’s closer or further to a community’s entrance or amenities. 

Choose your preferred exteriors

Lastly, those who choose to buy into a new community early are more likely to get their exact preferences on exterior elevations, colors and architectural features. One of the core values at Boone Homes is to ensure that homes within a community vary in appearance and, at the same time, blend architecturally. We don’t construct homes with the same exterior appearance next to each other, but select complementary color schemes to create a solid sense of neighborhood integrity—which contributes to the appreciation in home values. 

Be a part of something new  

After thirty years of developing sought after communities in Richmond, Boone Homes is excited to bring our quality craftsmanship, stunning features and regional design to even more neighborhoods. As an early buyer, you’ll be on the ground floor of our venture into a new space, and get to be a part of what makes our communities so great—friendly, caring and welcoming neighbors who love the homes they live in. 

If you’re on the hunt for a luxury-built custom home in the greater Richmond area, consider buying early in a new-construction community from Boone Homes. Contact our team today to schedule a tour of an existing community, or learn more about what we’ll have to offer in the future. 

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