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Boone Homes Financing Partners: A Pathway to Your Dream Home

July 18, 2023

Buying a new home is an exciting journey, but navigating the world of mortgages and financing can be daunting. That's where Boone Homes comes in – a trusted and experienced homebuilder that understands the importance of providing reliable financing options to make your dream home a reality. Boone Homes also offers credits towards closing costs when homebuyers use both Safe Harbor Title Company and a Boone Homes Preferred Lender. Ask your Community Sales Manager for more details. 

Let’s take a closer look at Boone Homes' financing partners, including Safe Harbor Title Company and five Boone Homes preferred lenders, to help you understand why they are the right choice for your homebuying needs.

Safe Harbor Title Company: Ensuring Smooth Transactions

A crucial aspect of any real estate transaction is a smooth and hassle-free closing process. Safe Harbor Title Company is a strategic partner of Boone Homes that excels in providing comprehensive title services to protect your interests throughout the closing process. Their team of experts diligently conducts title searches, resolves potential issues, and ensures that the property's title is clear and free from any obstacles or problems. With Safe Harbor Title Company, you can be confident that your closing will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Boone Homes Preferred Lenders

Boone Homes collaborates with several reputable Richmond lenders to offer a range of financing options that cater to diverse needs.

Sonya Orlick | Caliber Home Loans |(804) 363-9204 | 

Sonya Orlick is a highly esteemed Team Sales Manager at Caliber Home Loans, with an impressive 31 years of mortgage experience. Her expertise and dedication have earned her recognition in Richmond Magazine for 10 consecutive years, receiving the prestigious 5 Star Professional Award. In 2023, she was honored as the Lender of the Year by the Home Builders Association of Richmond, solidifying her position as a preferred lender for Boone Homes.

Holly Silas | CMG Financial | (703) 639-7436 | 

Holly Silas is a highly experienced and dedicated preferred lender for Boone Homes, known for her exceptional service and commitment to helping clients achieve their homeownership goals. With her 27 years of industry experience, she offers efficiency, reliability, and open communication, making the mortgage process a seamless and stress-free experience for homebuyers. As a valued partner, Holly ensures that clients receive the best financing options available to turn their dreams of owning a Boone Home into reality.

Marty Meade | Caliber Home Loans | (804) 517-7163 | 

Marty Meade brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having previously sold new construction homes for different homebuilders in the Richmond area. With a passion for crafting personalized loan programs, Marty is dedicated to understanding each buyer's unique needs and goals, ensuring they receive tailored financing solutions. Her unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations makes her an invaluable asset in helping Boone Homes' clients achieve their homeownership dreams.

Amy Magorian | Towne Bank Mortgage |( 804) 399-5512 |

Amy Magorian, a trusted and experienced lender with TowneBank Mortgage, has been a fixture in the Richmond mortgage community since 1981. Her exceptional performance has earned her a place in TowneBank's Chairman's Club every year, and she has an impressive track record of closing over $100,000,000 worth of transactions in the last four years. Amy's proven trustworthiness and expertise have led to multiple repeat customers who return to her for their second, third, or even fourth mortgage, making her a preferred lender for Boone Homes and an invaluable resource for homebuyers seeking financing solutions.

Taylor Ellard | Atlantic Bay Mortgage | (757) 749-0292 |

Taylor Ellard, Atlantic Bay Mortgage, stands out for her dedication to education and making the mortgage process easily understandable. As the host of the Lending Forward podcast and a social media and marketing expert, she shares her passion for educating homebuyers through informative videos and content. With 8 years of experience in marketing and business development in the lending industry, Taylor's expertise and commitment make her a top choice for Boone Homes' clients seeking a smooth and informed home-financing journey.

In conclusion, when it comes to financing your dream home, Boone Homes and its trusted partners are here to guide you every step of the way. From the reliable title services of Safe Harbor Title Company to the expertise of our preferred lenders, you can count on Boone Homes to provide you with the best financing options available. Let Boone Homes be your partner on this exciting journey towards homeownership!

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