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Celebrating 20 Years at Boone Homes: Syonia Anderson

March 28, 2022

This month Syonia, our Selections Coordinator, celebrated 20 years at Boone Homes! Syonia plays an integral part in our homebuyer's journey. She walks Boone purchaser's through the selections process where they hand-pick the finishes for their new Boone Home, assists in coordinating the meetings with our vendors and so much more. Syonia has always had a passion for homes, design and architecture. She found Boone Homes when we were hiring for a selections coordinator over 20 years ago and never looked back!

"I love to plan and coordinate in general, I am also very detail-oriented so this is the perfect career for me. I enjoy seeing the selections the purchaser makes and even if it is a floorplan we build often it can look very different based on the selections that are made."

In her free time, Syonia enjoys watching her daughter compete in gymnastics, spending time with her husband and relaxing on the beach. As a wine enthusiast, Syonia also enjoys reading about wine, visiting wineries and trying new wines - She even has a King Charles pup named Merlot!

At Boone Homes, we are proud of the long tenure of many of our employees. in 2021, ten of our employees celebrated 16+ years. We love our Boone Homes Family and believe that when employees are valued they greatly contribute to the success of the company and the stellar experience of our customers.

"I love everyone that I work with. We are a team, including our vendors.  You can see from the tenure of our employees Boone Homes is a great company and you don’t want to leave."

Thank you, Syonia, for everything you do at Boone Homes. Cheers to 20 years and many more to come! 

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