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Edward Cutchins, VP of Construction, Celebrates 26 Years with Boone Homes

April 27, 2022

Edward Cutchins, VP of Construction, celebrated 26 years with Boone Homes in April! Edward not only oversees a team of professionals who strive to build timeless high-quality homes but is directly involved in the construction process of each home. Homeowners meet Edward at the Plan Review Meeting to review the plans for their home, construction timeline and any changes or requests they may have. He is often out on site attending other construction meetings with the superintendent or working behind the scenes in the corporate office.

Shortly after Edward’s daughter was born in 1996 and a friend recommended Boone Homes, Edward made the move to escape the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia and join Boone Homes as a superintendent. 

Edward truly believes in Boone Homes and the idea of building a better home. His passion and dedication inspire his construction team which has an average tenure of 18 years! 

“Wow, just an unbelievable accumulation of dedicated professionals, most of which joined as Punch out technicians and bought into the idea of trying to build a better home. Now we are building on to the team with a young group of people that have the same mindset.” - Edward

What are you most excited about in 2022?

I am excited to see the new employees start to believe in this idea of building high-quality homes and the Boone Homes family all pull in the same direction.

How do you spend your free time outside of the office?

Really, just spending quiet evenings on the patio with my wife of 29 years.  In the past, I have enjoyed traveling the world but now I like nothing better than going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and doing a little surf fishing!

What is your favorite memory at Boone Homes?  

Mr. and Mrs. Boone gave my wife and me a weekend at The Belvedere in Va. Beach one year, just as a thank you. It felt great to be appreciated by such a respected family.

Boone Homes is thankful for Edward’s professionalism, dedication and passion that has contributed to Boone Homes success and the outstanding company that you see today.

Thank you and congratulations on 26 years, Edward!

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