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Guest Blog: Benefits to Building Your Dream Home from Taylor Ellard, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

April 4, 2023

Guest Blogger: Taylor Ellard, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Why Buy New Construction?

Is this you…your family is out growing your current home and you’ve been “thinking” of buying a new home but nothing coming on the market excites you? 

You’re not alone, you just haven’t thought about new construction. It's such a common misconception that building is more expensive than buying a home, especially in this market. 

But guess what, it isn’t. In fact, there are so many benefits to building instead of buying. 

Benefits to Building Your Dream Home

Today’s new construction homes have far benefits for the buyer than ever before. You get to decide the so many options, before you know it you’ll have your dream home built from the ground up. 

We’re going to break down the TOP 5 reasons you should build instead of buy a new home. 

  1. Build the floorplan based off how you live. That’s right you can pick a floorplan that gives you everything you need. If that’s open common space in the kitchen and living room, or a mother-in-law suite on the first floor.
  2. Saving you money overtime. Having a new home means that everything is new. You won’t have to replace the HVAC or roof in a few years. 
  3. Lower energy bills. How nice is it that we’re moving in more of an energy efficient world? From your windows to your appliances, we’re all working on saving you money in the long run even your appliances!
  4. Make it your own. Instead of having to remove wallpaper or paint the gross green walls, everything you’ll have is fresh with your mark. Cabinets, hardware, flooring, carpet – you name it, all designed for your (and only your) home. 
  5. A community you love. Location is important, close to relatives, your job, friends, schools, things to do – the list goes on! We are always growing at Boone Homes, with multiple communities now and more to come, rest assured we have a place for you to call home with amenities like parks, trails and pools. 

Building a Boone Home is not only an incredible investment, it’s worth it! With low inventory in the market, it the best way you can get exactly what you want in a home!

If you have any questions about financing a newly constructed home, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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