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Guest Blog: Market Update from Taylor Ellard, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

April 5, 2023

Guest Blogger: Taylor Ellard, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Market Update: Where Is the Market Headed for New Construction?

You want your next home to be the perfect vision, but you’re not seeing any existing houses on the market that fit your family’s needs. 

Are you thinking about building right now? Wondering where the market is headed? 

Understanding the Market

We know interest rates drive your purchase power. As lenders, sometimes we have to get crafty to help homebuyers achieve their goals. 

Let’s talk specifically about rates: with inflation at an all-time high, experts are predicting that rates will come down in 2023 hovering around 5% towards the end of the Summer. 

Every person and their credit history is different, that’s why I want to give you a great understanding of how much home you can build.

I will work with you to find the perfect mortgage to match your perfect new home

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