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New vs. Used: Why Buy New with Boone Homes?

October 10, 2022

For over 30 years, Boone Homes has been building top-quality new-construction homes in astounding communities throughout the Richmond area—and through our extensive experience in the homebuilding industry, we understand that buying new can sometimes sound intimidating to potential buyers. Many turn to used homes due to common misconceptions and stigmas around buying new, and although the previously-owned housing market may appear as the better deal on the surface level—the advantages of new home buying heavily outweigh any other options in the industry. To guide your decision in buying new, we’ve compiled an expert list of top reasons why buying new, especially from Boone Homes, is the best option by far.

Low maintenance

It’s no secret that maintenance and repairs tend to be necessary on previously-owned homes, as many older houses have experienced years of wear and tear with outdated styles, materials and features. Although the cost to buy resale homes may appear to be lower, there are so many factors that are unaccounted for, especially in the repairs and maintenance categories. The majority of resale homebuyers end up paying thousands of dollars on a frequent basis for renovations, updates and replacements—and the nature of buying a used home can come with uncertainty and unpredictability. 

By buying new, you can undoubtedly help yourself save money, time and energy in the long run. Our commitment to quality is truly second to none at Boone Homes, and our homes feature top-tier appliances, materials and overall components to eliminate any uncertainties and worries. Buying new means you’re the first to park in the garage, to step foot on the floors and to cook in the kitchen. Our new appliances and systems allow for a significant amount of energy efficiency compared to older homes, and our thoughtfully-designed layouts and unparalleled features guarantee the utmost convenience, functionality and reliability. 

Personalize it to you

At Boone Homes, we offer a wide range of options to help you achieve your dream home. With one-of-a-kind communities throughout some of the best areas in Richmond—you’ll have an array of options to choose from with amazing resources and amenities. Whether you prefer to customize our carefully-crafted floor plans, or to select one of our quick move-in homes in our top-rated communities—we’ll always make sure you have a personalized experience with the wide range of floor plans and designs that we offer. Each of our homes are made up of high-quality elements to guarantee a unique, tailored look and feel—and you as the homeowner have plenty of room for individuality and creative freedom when it comes to buying and personalizing your brand new dream home. 

One of the best parts about buying new is the ability to personalize your home exactly how you envision it, and Boone Homes values the importance of the creative process in finding your dream home. Even our move-in ready homes include the perfect blank slate for you to make it your own, and all of our homes are built with quality and care from the ground up—with only the greatest expertise from our experienced staff. Visit our galleries for a closer look, and view our carefully-crafted floor plans and personalized process to see why Boone Homes is the best choice for buying new. 

Invest in your future

Whether you’re paying rent or a mortgage payment on a used home, there’s always a risk of increased rent payments or having to fund repairs. It’s unreasonable to have to pay an expensive monthly rental, and unnecessary to have to put aside extra money to fix a resale home—and even still, a lot of people believe the common misconception that buying a new home is unattainable or unrealistic. The truth is, buying a new home with Boone Homes is far from either one of those things, and we make it our mission to make buying a new home a seamless, easy process.

Additionally, when you choose to buy a new home rather than rent, you’re investing in your future by increasing your financial stability—specifically in the categories of building wealth and equity, as well as better tax benefits and an overall thoughtful decision for your financial future. Eliminate the uncertainties of resale homes by buying a new home from Boone Homes—which is an extremely beneficial decision in both the present and future.

Buy from the best

Buying new is more significant now than ever before, and Boone Homes is ready to help you start your journey today. With extensive experience in building spectacular new homes throughout the Richmond Area, there’s no one better to trust with the process of buying your brand new home than Boone Homes—and there’s no better time to start than now. With the amazing advantages of buying new, we can’t wait to help you find your brand-new, high-quality dream home. 

If you’re ready to explore your options for buying a new home, be sure to browse through the following quick move-in options to find the home of your dreams without the wait: 

1709 Reed Marsh Lane is available in November in our sought-after Reed Marsh community, boasting the popular Milan floor plan—a stunning 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 2,816 square-foot home that is full of fine finishes and desirable features across two stories.

Also available in November in Reed Marsh, 1716 Reed Marsh Lane is a breathtaking home with 4 spacious bedrooms, 3.5 spa-like bathrooms, 2,925 square feet of living space and top-quality designs—attributed to our thoughtfully-designed Waterford floor plan.

3089 Reed Marsh Drive is available in Reed Marsh for move-in by early 2023—elegantly designed with our innovative Sorrento plan with 5 sizable bedrooms, 3.5 spa-like bathrooms and timeless finishes across 2,974 square feet of living space.

10401 Meadow Woods Court in Little Meadows at Chickahominy Falls is one of our last-chance opportunities to move into this astounding community by spring 2023—made up of 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,502 square feet and sought-after designs from our Marwick layout.

For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (804) 258-4291 or fill out our online form today to inquire about our beautiful homes and incredible communities throughout Chesterfield, Goochland and Hanover.

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