Customer Satisfaction

We've partnered with Eliant, a professional customer satisfaction partner, to get honest feedback from our homeowners.
Our goal at Boone Homes is to make the process of purchasing and moving into your home a great experience! 

We are proud to be recognized in Eliant's 28th Annual Homebuyer's Choice Awards!

First-Year Customer Service Experience - 1st Place

Highest Percentage of Sales from Referrals - 3rd Place

First Year Quality Award - 4th Place

Design Experience - 4th Place

The Eliant Award for Overall Home Purchase & Ownership Experience - 5th Place

Move-In Survey Scores

Eliant Average 81.0%
Ranked #4

Homeowners receive a questionnaire from Eliant 1 month after their move-in date.

Mid-Year Survey Scores

Eliant Average 75.7%
Ranked #4

Approximately 5 months after move-in, homeowners will receive a mid-year/customer service questionnaire.

Year-End Survey Scores

Eliant Average 76.1%
Ranked #7

A Year-End questionnaire is sent by Eliant 10 months after move-in.

Scores updated as of December 31, 2022


  • I love my new Boone Home. It is gorgeous. And, it is going to be even more gorgeous once Angela and I have completed it's decoration! My 13-month experience with Boone Home

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    Eddie Ann | Mosaic at West Creek

  •  Mr. Edward Cutchins is upright and honest. My professional dealings with him let me know Mr. Cutchins is a man of his word. When he gives you his word on something he makes sure that “positive" happens!

    Audrey | Chickahominy Falls

  • Arshad & Rona | Reed Marsh

  • David (Superintendent), Edward Cutchins (VP of Construction), and Steve Lunde (Production Manager) were very knowledgeable, honest, friendly, and communicated desire to get things right. Responses were quick, sincere, and it was obvious they cared

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    Janet | Chickahominy Falls

  • We were very pleased when we learned that Boone Homes was building in Mosaic. We saw the Merecroft Model in other neighborhoods and simply fell in love with it. It soon became clear that this was the floorplan

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    Rob & Laura | Mosaic at West Creek

  • We have been very pleased with the care and attention showed 

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    Joanne and Joseph | Mosaic at West Creek

  • Truly, 99% of the process was smooth. I loved the wide variety of quality products that were included in the "no extra charge" category. Jackie (sales manager) was kind and action-oriented and Edward  (VP of construction) is a gem and woul

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    Christine & Gloria | Little Meadows Chickahominy Falls

  • We are not aware of another builder who takes the time to help build a real sense of community in their developments the way ya’ll do.  While it is definitely great customer service, it is also clear that Boone has a real concern for people who wa

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    Ron | Mosaic at West Creek

  • The Boone Homes staff made buying our home in Reed Marsh an enjoyable experience. Everyone is friendly and eager to help and answer any questions. We love the diversity of families in the neighborhood and being so close to many businesses an

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    Anne | Reed Marsh

  • David & Mary | Kinloch Villas

  • We love working with the Boone team; they were receptive to all our family needs and incorporated changes as we progressed. It's a beautiful home and we are enjoying our stay here.

    Amod & Shruthi | Dominion Park, Wyndham

  • We appreciated and valued the consistent professionalism, product knowledge, and warm honest welcome of all the Boone staff members. Our superintendent was always there for us to answer questions, made construction details and process easy to unde

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    Gaile & Cynthia | Dominion Park, Wyndham

  • Our initial experience with Boone Homes has been excellent.  They and their vendors have developed a well-organized and harmonious sales and selection process that works beautifully for the homeowner.  From Jackie in Sales with a wealth of knowled

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    Pablo and Maria | Little Meadows at Chickahominy Falls

  • This will be our seventh home purchase but our first new build.  We appreciate Boone’s “have it your way” approach to personalizing our new home—everyone from the sales staff to the construction and selection teams to the Boone vendors has b

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    Betty & Ed | Little Meadows at Chickahominy Falls

  • Brittany & Carlos | Reed Marsh

  • Thank you for the outstanding work you performed fixing our powder room bathroom. We greatly appreciate your professionalism, communication and craftsmanship. The room looks outstanding. 


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    Steve | Dominion Park, Wyndham

  • LaTisha & Mary | Dominion Park, Wyndham

  • The excitement on people’s faces when they realize they can build a new home that is truly designed for them and be

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    Rick Perkins | Realtor

  • We looked at many communities and builders in our search for the perfect next home.  Choosing Boone Homes was an easy decision.  The personal and professional attention of Jackie and the entire Boone Team enabled us to bring the vision of our new

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    Vince & Mary | Little Meadows at Chickahominy Falls

  • Boone employees were very professional and patient during the whole process.

    I would to like to appreciate Syonia (selections coordinator) for being very patient with me and answering all my million questions throughout the selections.I

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    Prashanthi | Hawksgate at Bacova

  • My wife and I recently met Kate as we were attempting to discover additional information about the REED MARSH project. I have been in a job where the consequences of an error were very bad. Kate’s ability to correctly handle a large number of deta

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    David and Ann | Reed Marsh

  • Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are extremely excited about our new home and very grateful for your attention to detail and customer service.

    Tom and Julie

  • Scott and Leigh

  • Boone has been very responsive and I’ve been told exactly what to expect in terms of timeline and who and when woul

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    David Nicholson | Realtor

  • What a great bunch of people, always friendly, helpful, and eager to please. Syonia is a model of efficiency, always doing the research on the many questions we had during the selection process, and just being a great resource in guiding us throug

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  • We are settling into our new home and are very happy. I wanted to thank you, Edward, and Rick for making this experience a pleasant and memorable one. My concerns were addressed immediately, my questions were assured and explained patently, and ev

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    Patricia M. | Bellingham at Twin Hickory

  • We could not have been happier!

    The Boone team took so much time with us. They were organized, dependable and whenever we had questions or concerns they always addressed those in a timely manner. They were extremely patient and helpful with

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    Mike and Laurie | Tarrington Courtyard Homes

  • Once again Carol and I would like to thank you and everyone else in the Boone organization who have helped us from start to finish. We couldn’t be more pleased with all of you and we love the house.

    John and Carol | Madison Village

  • Love Boone Homes and would not hesitate to recommend this quality builder!

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    Dana | Kinloch Coach Homes

  • The excellent customer service has continued during our building process. We have been impressed with wor

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    Caroline | Hawksgate at Bacova

  • In life you need to here the good just as much as the bad. So this afternoon my brother-in-law that does structural work for a engineering firm had to meet with a customer in Tarrington that was having issues with their foundation (No it is not a

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    Melvin W. | Tarrington on the James

  • We have been so involved with our move that we failed to write you after closing to tell all of the Boone team, beginning with Allen and including Jo

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    Scott and Lois | Madison Village

  • It has been over 5 months since we moved into our new Boone Home and I would like to take this time to thank a few members of your staff for making the transition into our new home so pleasant. Syonia Anderson has always been more than helpful and

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    Tom and Barb | Madison Village

  • I recently decided to commit to a new build with Boone Homes and so far the process has been good. Penny (Commun

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    Tiffany | Hawskgate at Bacova

  • Wayman and Ingrid | Ellington at Wyndham

  • Working with Kate (Community Sales Manager) from Boone Homes is amazing - she makes life so easy for both my clients and me. She is always accessible as it is rare that I am eve

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    Rick Cox | The Rick Cox Realty Group

  • My experience with purchasing a Boone home in Tarrington Villas has been positive.  We are in the early stages of building my home, but I have

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    Linda | Tarrington Villas

  • Penny, thank you so much for all of your help and your friendly outgoing disposition. You have gone above and beyond by not only checking in with us but sending us updated pictu

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    LaTisha & Amanda | Dominion Park in Wyndham

  • We were looking at a few communities within the Richmond area for a new build and had discussions with a few home builder sales consultants. When meeting with Kate (Community Sales Manager), she always had a ready smile, answered our questions and

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    Mary Ann | Tarrington Courtyard Homes

  • David & Mary | Kinloch

  • I could not be more impressed with the organization of Boone Homes' building process. 

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    Meredith Voeltz | Realtor

  • Our first experience with Boone Homes, Inc. was in 2014, when we decided to downsize and build a home in Kinloch Coach Homes.

    We cannot say enough about how much we e

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    David and Mary | Kinloch Villas

  • [This home] is my 5th home and 2 were built as new. Best quality of any other home.

    Stephen and Kathryn | Chickahominy Falls

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