Customer Satisfaction

We've partnered with Eliant, a professional customer satisfaction partner, to get honest feedback from our homeowners.

Our goal at Boone Homes is to make the process of purchasing and moving into your home a great experience! 

We are proud to be recognized in the 2024 Eliant Annual Homebuyers' Choice Awards! 

First-Year Customer Service Experience - 1st Place 

The Eliant Award for Overall Home Purchase & Ownership Experience - Top 10 Finalist

First Year Quality Award - Top 10 Finalist

Design Experience - Top 10 Finalist

Fred Gillespie: Individual Representative for the Customer Service Award - Top 10 Finalist

Move-In Survey Scores

Eliant Average 89.8%

Homeowners receive a questionnaire from Eliant 1 month after their move-in date.

Mid-Year Survey Scores

Eliant Average 81.5%

Approximately 5 months after move-in, homeowners will receive a mid-year/customer service questionnaire.

Year-End Survey Scores

Eliant Average 81.8%

A Year-End questionnaire is sent by Eliant 10 months after move-in.

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